Expanded Radio set on Bandcamp

My tracks for the Expanded Radio 2018 weekend.

Track descriptions:

1. A field recording made outside the Penang Pesta festival, Malaysia, 2017

2. Electronic music from 2009, created using the music tracking program OpenMPT.

3. Someone playing the sax in Peckham Rye park in the rain.

4. Busker and crowd sounds in and around Clink Street, London.

5. Inside the carriage of a Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit train.

6. A glitched and frequency-shifted street recording from in and around the Brunswick Centre, London.

7. Electronic music from 2017. Composed using OpenMPT then finished in Ableton Live.

8. My end of term piece for the Experimental Sound Art course held at the Mary Ward Centre in late 2017, taught by Graham Dunning.